If someone opens my emails several times, will zapier push that new open every time?

I have a zap between an email campaign ( and my CRM (Vanillasoft). I send a campaign through Hunter and have it set to whenever someone opens the email, that lead will be added to Vanillasoft. I believe it says “Add/update”. Hunter tracks every open. If they open it 5 times, hunter tracks that. Not just the first open.


Will zapier push every open and update the contact with every open or just the first one?

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Hi @njinsuranceguy 

Good question.

The Hunter Zap app doesn’t explicitly say how this Zap trigger will work, so best to test.

It should be quick and easy to configure a Zap to test that out.



Thanks Troy. So, does Hunter set up how their systems to how Zapier will react? 

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Most apps on Zapier are built and maintained by the app developers themselves.

Zapier has built in deduping: