If no record create one but if there’s an existing record update it

  • 19 December 2021
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Hello all, this is my first question to the forum, and I’m sure it’s a dumb one, so apologies…

I want to take a value, do a lookup, write that value to a new record if it’s not found, or simply continue on to update the existing record with other data if it IS found.  I’d like to do this without using paths as everything after the IF statement will still apply, and be the same actions.

I’ve looked at continue only if but that doesn’t seem to be the way, because I want to continue either way: with a new record, or with an updated record.  This is an internal zap so I don’t have different apps to deal with, just a new form.

Thanks for any help.

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3 replies

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Hi @Moelman13, where are you trying to do the lookup? Do you use Formatter by Zapier, or do you use something like Google Sheets?

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Hi @Moelman13 

What apps are you using in your Zap?


Generally the structure is like this for Zap steps.

Action: [APP] - Find/Create Record

Action: [APP] - Update Record

Find/create! Of course!  Thank you so much!!!