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If an account gets disconnected, can I detect that in the Zap and take an alternative action?

  • 28 March 2020
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We have preferred ways of transferring data, e.g. use the official application integration.

Occasionally this fails, usually because the accounts disconnect.

I do detect this in Zapier, and I alert the IT team through Opsgenie.

But I still want the data to flow to the downstream system, even - for example - if the fields are not mapped properly.  

e.g. we get a sales enquiry. It’s critical that this message gets through. 

If I can’t properly file the Jira request that we’d normally use, I want to alternatively send an email that has all the data smashed together. 

This way we can take action while IT get the integration straightened

How can I detect IN THE ZAP that the Jira account got disconnected?

I’m assuming that at the Zap level I should be able to DETECT account failure, and then have a backup step, perhaps after a Filter.

Is this the case?




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3 replies

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Hi @mrjcleaver - Thanks for writing in today. I see that Cameron from Support got back to you. So that we can share information with others who may be seeking the same information, here’s the reply:

Hi Martin,

Thanks for reaching out! I'm happy to lend a hand with this.
In your community post, it sounds like it's not your trigger app (relating to a sales enquiry) that's disconnecting but Jira. Is this correct?
If your Zap is triggering but fails to complete all of the actions, you should receive an email with an alert that your Zap is having issues. I can see that we have sent emails of this nature. It should look something like this:

(view larger)

Can you confirm you are receiving this email when your Zap fails? If you are, the easiest solution that comes to mind would be setting up a Zap that triggers from a string of text from this email (or the subject line) when it is received and adding to filter so it only runs when the correct string is met.

If your email is hosted through Gmail this would be easy to setup, or if it's hosted on another server then using the IMAP by Zapier and New Email trigger and filter might do the trick.

You could copy your existing Zap and simply change the trigger to match what I've suggested above.

Does this sound like something you'd be able to setup?

I hope that helps and please let me know if I can assist with anything else.



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Hi Steph, Cameron,

Those emails don’t include field values. Only the notification that the Zap failed.

But what I want to do is take an alternative action WITHIN THE ZAP. This has the context, including all the fields that I’d want to use.

I want to catch the exception - e.g. account disconnected - and, deliver anyway to the downstream system. This becomes a degraded delivery - the data gets smushed into email body rather being placed nicely into fields.

But it still delivers.


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@mrjcleaver - Thanks for letting us know!