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If a cell in google sheets matches then input data from another cell

  • 14 January 2021
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I’m hoping for assistance with a Google Sheet push to/from Slack Zap. I have one currently that is basically if a cell/row is updated in one sheet, push some of that information to a specific slack channel. It’s working fine but now I’m looking for another variation of this. 

For context, here is what I’m going for: I have a google sheet that my company uses to check rehire eligibility. My google sheet is very simple, in the main tab I have a column for A ) Requestor, B ) Candidate name, C ) HR approval (drop down/data validation), D ) HR Notes. A recruiter will add their name as requestor in A, then type the candidate name in B. From there my current zap pushes that candidates name to a slack channel to let the HR team know to check the sheet for that name. Once they check their system/notes for eligibility, they make a selection in Column C which is set up for a list data validation (Yes/No/Other). From here I need a zap to let the requestor know that there is an update on the sheet for that candidate via Slack direct message.

First is to have Zapier identify which Slack user/Requestor to send a notification to. My first attempt was to simply have the action send to someone but found that I need to have a Slack ID to send to. The next thought was to create a 2nd tab in my sheet, with column A being the requestor names available in sheet 1, and their Slack ID in column B and do a reference deal to get Zapier to find the requestor name in sheet 2, then input the Slack ID next to it in column B into the Zaps action section on who to send it to. I’ve been messing with find actions to get me there but I’m stuck in getting it to match the requestor names and then utilize the Slack ID. 

I’m likely making this too complicated, but at this point I’m lost and would appreciate assistance from the masters. 





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Hi @jjwood ,

Thanks for reaching out! I see that Tyler from Support has been in touch and suggested the below Zaps which I am sharing to help other members who may have a similar question/workflow in the future: 

To make sure we're on the same page, here's my understanding of the workflow you outlined:

  1. A recruiter adds their own name as the "Requestor" in Column A of your spreadsheet, then enters the candidate's name in Column B
  2. That triggers a Zap that messages your HR team, to tell them to check the spreadsheet
  3. Then, a member of the HR team will select one of the options in Column C (Yes/No/Maybe)
  4. That should then trigger a Zap that messages the original Requestor in Slack, letting them know about the updat

Is that about right? If so, it looks like you'll want to have two separate Zaps here:

  • The first Zap should use the Google Sheets "New Spreadsheet Row" trigger to run when a new row is added to the spreadsheet, then the Slack "Send Channel Message" action to alert your HR team. Here's a Zap template that can help you make that Zap quickly.
  • Then, the second Zap would use the Google Sheets "Updated Spreadsheet Row" trigger, so that it will run specifically when Column C is changed. "Updated Spreadsheet Row" lets you set a "Trigger Column", so that only changes to that column will trigger the Zap.

When the Zap is triggered, it will receive all of the cells from the row that was updated, including the original Requestor's name. To help make things easier for yourself, I might also add a column to the spreadsheet where the requestor can add their Slack username. That way, you can go straight into a Slack "Send Direct Message" action to message them about the update.