I would like to add Multiple custom labels WITH COLORS to trello right now its working but only grey.

  • 17 February 2021
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I have a Google Form that has options for people to fill out. The options are then sent to trellow as labels but they currently only show up as grey and not on the card in board view because of it.


I would like to be able to assign colours to these custom labels (So far it looks like you can add one colour label) and multiple custom grey labels but I would like to say 


Item 1 (yellow)

Item 3 (green)

Item 4 (sky) 

etc so the team can immediately see everything associated with the new form 

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4 replies

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Hi @Cole 

Check out this help article:


Error: Invalid Value for Value

This error message can happen if you set a custom text value in the Label field. Changing it to a default color from the dropdown should solve the issue. If you want to dynamically set the label, you'll need two extra steps:

  • Find/create label (searching on the label name from a previous step)
  • Add label to card

Sorry I’m not dealing with an “error”


Its creating a bunch of grey labels, I would like each label to have the colour I would like. 

I tried changing the colours from grey but when the zap happens again it just continues to create the grey labels.


Is there a way to input a colour label besides the drop down (which only works for 1 colour at a time)

ie instead of “Item 1 Photos” for the label which creates a grey label with the same title

Can we put “#blue Item 1 Photos” and then create a blue label titled “Item 1 Photos” 

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Try this Trello Zap action step before OR add the desired labels/colors in Trello manually to then reference in the Zap.


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Were you able to get this squared away based on the previous suggestions?

Please let us know, thanks.