I was unable to complete the setup of my Zap. “Groups” is grayed out, and my Zap is disabled.

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I just joined Zapier and can’t get past connecting the apps that I’m using. 

I connected Convertkit and Square (for Square online) adding the secret API for Convertkit.

I get to the step that says Groups and everything is greyed out. 
I can only go back. When I go to look at my Zap it’s disabled because the Group isn’t set up.


During the setup, I added the Convertkit form that I want to use on my Square website and Zapier says it cannot find it (probably because I couldn’t complete setup).

Just adding as much info as possible.


Thank you for your help.

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Hi @Lea with Pawsibilities 

Good question.

Please post screenshots with where you are having issues configuring your Zap so we can have proper context, thanks.

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My prtScr isn’t working, so here’s the copied page 



Private folders

Add folder



Create Zap


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@Lea with Pawsibilities 

We’re going to need screenshots or a record video in order to have proper context about your Zaps.

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Hi @Lea with Pawsibilities!

I’m sorry that you’re having trouble setting up your Zap. Would you be able to take a screenshot of the bit of your Zap where you’re seeing Groups grayed out? I’m guessing it’s in the Square step, so that should look something like this:



Also, if you could tell us exactly which trigger and action you’re using, that will help us all to get on the same page. 

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@Lea with Pawsibilities Just checking in here to make sure you saw Danvers’ reply above. Once we have a bit more info, we can get you pointed in the right direction. Let us know!