I want to track Quickbooks commerce Business Sales Orders ONLY into a Google Sheet

  • 5 February 2021
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How do I get QBC to import ONLY Business Sales Orders into a google Sheet?

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5 replies

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It sounds like your Zap may be in need of a filter to stop unwanted orders from getting through. I would start here You would just need a parameter to filter off of out of QBC
So your flow would be something like this 

Trigger: New Order in QBC

Action: Filter by Zapier to filter out orders that don’t meet the criteria

Action: Create new Row in Google Sheets

Thank you I will give that a try!

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Awesome! Let me know how it works out or if you need additional help! 

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Hey @Lisaekimball!

Just checking in. Were you able to make this work? Let us know!