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I only want approved emails to enter work flow

  • 12 January 2023
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Hello, i am sure this is very simple but I’m struggling.

  1. A user signs up on my site, and their data then goes into Airtable.
  2. At this point I approve them or decline their sign-up request.
  3. If I approve them, I then want them to enter the workflow. Zapier taking their data to my Mailchimp.
  4. Currently zapier is sending all sign-ups straight to MailChimp & bypassing my approval stage.

How do i stop this by pass, i need zapier to wait for me to approve or deline


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Hi @Sam Perry!

It sounds like you’re using the Airtable New or Updated Record trigger, is that right?

The simplest way to stop records that haven’t been approved from moving through the Zap is by adding a filter step to the Zap. With a filter, you can tell the Zap “only continue if...” so in this case you could set up the step so that the Zap only continues on to the next actions if the field you’re using for approvals says that it’s been approved. You can learn more about using filters in this help guide: Add conditions to your Zap with Filters


​I hope that helps, please let us know if you have any questions!

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Hi @Sam Perry 

Good question.

Here’s what I’d suggest...

Create Views with Filters in the Airtable Base Table.

These Views can be used to trigger Zaps.

Plus, this will save Zap Tasks.


Trigger: Airtable - New Record


Hello again.

I am starting to progress with the filters however, you will see from the screenshot below there is a box that is “1. approved yes” This is good.


Underneath this, in the empty box where I need a value. The value i expected to be there is not.

Can you help?

Where you have “approved” and in grey “yes”

I was expecting to see “VC or start up” then in grey either “vc” or “start up” 




I that 3rd box i was expecting to “1 VC or Startup;” followed by “VC” in grey. Instead i have this reck3ucEUwPi9jMGb




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@Sam Perry

Try this…

For the right side conditions, add static values.

Otherwise, you have the fields evaluating against themselves which will always be true, and that means the Filter step will always pass.

To recap, you want the left side to be dynamic values and the right side to be static values.


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Hey @Sam Perry! Just checking in here. Were you able to find success with Troy’s suggestion? He’s correct in that you will want to type something into the filter fields on the right, rather than inserting data from other steps. So, you would type “Yes” into the first box.

For the second box, it looks like you’re trying to filter on a linked record but only the record ID is being returned. For this, you will need to add another column in Airtable to lookup the actual “VC Or Start Up” value. You can do that by using a “Lookup” column type.

Once you have that set up, here is what you’ll need to do:

  1. Text your Airtable step to find and use those values in your Zap
  2. Edit your filter conditions to have two groups. They will look something like this:

Group 1:

  • Approved > Exactly Matches > “Approved”
  • VC Or Start Up > Contains > “VC”


Group 2:


  • Approved > Exactly Matches > “Approved”
  • VC Or Start Up > Contains > “Start Up”

Of course, I am assuming those are the values being written to the “VC Or Start Up” but hopefully, this helps illustrate the idea and how you’ll want to set this up to achieve the outcome you’re after.

Keep us posted with how things turn out! We want to make sure you’re good to go here. 🙂