I'm trying to send an email from Constant Contact when someone signs up and purchases my Thinkific course

Good Afternoon
I made a course with thinkific and am trying to make it so every time someone signs up and purchases my course in thinkific, an email which I had made from Constant Contact is sent to them. I have been following the directions on Zapier but every time i try to do the "test trigger" part it tells me that they can't find anyone who is fully enrolled in my class, even though there is someone fully enrolled in my class. Also, there is no option to make it so the "thank you for purchasing our course" email on the template I made in constant contact is automatically sent to the person who enrolled in my course in Thinkific when they enroll.
If there is anyway anyone can walk me through this step-by-step that would be great because I am confused all around and have been trying to figure this out for days now.
Thank you!

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Hi there @maribelcorona -

If I were approaching this, I’d start my Zap set up like this: 

  1. Trigger - New Order (Thinkific) 
    1. I understand that you are looking for New Enrollments, but there is only the option for New Full Enrollment as a trigger for Thinkific. If you are selling something along with courses, then we can look into setting up conditional logic to make sure this functions as we want. 
  2. Action - Filter by Zapier 
    1. As mentioned above, this conditional logic can help determine when things are sent out (such as your email). 
  3. Action - Constant Contact 
    1. I understand that you would like to send a templated email from Constant Contact, but I am not seeing the option to do so, so let’s try this workaround, and use this step to find the contact needed to send the email out to. 
  4. Action - Email by Zapier (or system of your choice) 
    1. This will allow the templated email to send out, by being mapped accordingly. 

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions! 


Thank you

Would you mind going in to depth on what conditional logic is and how I set it up? Also zapier is telling me that I do not have any contacts enrolled, even though I do.



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Hey there, @maribelcorona!

Great question and I wanted to drop this awesome article my teammate wrote on conditional logic. 🙂

...telling me that I do not have any contacts enrolled, even though I do

If you don’t mind I’d love to backup just a bit and confirm what you’d like to achieve with your workflow. Would you like any purchases to kick off this automation or anyone who enrolls in your course? Thinkific considers these 2 different things and depending on what you’re looking to accomplish would determine the best way to go about setting up your zap.

Let us know - looking forward to digging into this with you!