I cannot transfer a contact to the required Contact List in Unisender

  • 28 October 2020
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I am setting up an integration between salesforce and unisender. The fact is that when I get to the last stage, where I need to select the Contact list, to which the contact will be added in Unisender, I face difficulties


I choose a custom field instead of a ready-made list in Unisender. This custom field contains Id Contact List from Unisender. When I test the trigger, why doesn't the contact get into the Contact List (that is, Zapier does not understand that my custom field has an ID Contact List).

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6 replies

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Please provide screenshots of your Zap step configurations, thanks.


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Can you provide a screenshot of the list options for that field, when not selecting Custom?

Are you getting an error when testing? If yes, please provide that screenshot.


No error

I substitute the ID Contact List from Unisender in this field in SalesForce CRM field so that this contact will be included in the needed Contact List But the contact gets into the Unlisted list

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@Troy Tessalone Could you help me with it?

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Hey @Ksenia just wanted to check in to see if you were still running into trouble here! If so, mind sharing a screenshot of what appears in the “List” drop-down if you chose not to map in a custom value? That will help us see what data format that field is expecting.