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I can't see "applicant PDF" option from Award Force, only a list of fields.

  • 3 February 2023
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I am creating a zap between Award Force and Salesforce platforms for my client.

We have the "View Applicant PDF" option in Award Force and would like to have the PDF docs in Salesforce attached to related applications in Salesforce. Applications is a custom object in our Salesforce system.

But unfortunately, I can't see "applicant PDF" option in Zapier, only a list of fields. Could you help me with this , please?

And in my case, should I use the "Create Attachment" or "Create File" action?

Thank you.



Best answer by nicksimard 3 February 2023, 19:22

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Hi @Irina Unal!

I can’t say that I’ve ever used Award Force before, so I’m not really familiar with it. 

Some questions:

  • Which trigger for Award Force are you using? You can see the options here.
  • When you test the trigger step in your Zap, do you see anything that resembles a file? You’d want to make sure that the sample you get does indeed have a PDF attachment in Award Force

Based on what you’ve described, it seems like the PDF file (assuming you can get it) would be an attachment, then you choose which record it’s related to. BUT, that means you need to find the application record in Salesforce.

Is there something from your trigger that you can use to search for the application that you need to attach the PDF to?

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Hello @nicksimard,

Thank you for your message.
So, the trigger is “Entry Submitted”, as I can understand it means that application has been submitted.

Step 1  - Entry Submitted in Award force
Step 2 - Find record in Salesforce (it checks if the contact already exists in Salesforce, if not, it creates a new one)

Step 3 - Find record in Salesforce (it helps me to find the programme in Salesforce)

Step 4 - Create new record (It creates new Application record in Salesforce)

And Step 5 - I would like to create a PDF attachment doc in Salesforce.


When I am trying to set up the “Create Attachment”  component it shows me only list of application fields.
I can see only list of fields under Files:


I think you are right here and Award force generates PDF doc when we click on the “View Applicant PDF” button. 
But if so, how can I use “Create Attachment” or “Create File” actions? 




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Hi @Irina Unal!

Thanks for all that extra detail! Super helpful. So if the theory is that the PDF is generated when you click that button, I wonder if there’s a way to use the Entry Updated trigger instead?

The key would be (assuming it does show the file) to somehow zero in on the fact that the update IS the file. And not something else, and there just happens to be a file there, you know? Like if you’ve created the file, then update a last name, you wouldn’t the updated name to make it through your Zap.

Any chance you can duplicate your existing Zap then try swapping out the trigger for Entry Updated? Then do some testing there to see what comes through?

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Thank you, @nicksimard !

I will try it and let you know if it works in this situation.




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Hey there, @Irina Unal! I wanted to swing by and see if you had any luck with Nick’s recommendation! Keep us posted - we’d love to know. 🤗