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I am trying to integrate Trello with Zapier to send automated texts to new leads input in Trello

  • 5 February 2021
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My goal is to automated texts to new leads Input into Trello. The only tging I can figure out how to do is to text my number when new cards are created. I would like to be able to do this.


example: new card entered with phone number

i would like it to auto text that number. Any help would be great thank you 


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 5 February 2021, 21:43

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you should be able to use the SMS by Zapier action for this

passing in the phone number as dynamic data into the second action. 

If you will include screenshots of your trigger step, I can further assist you.

If the phone number isn’t in its own field then you will need to use a Formatter by Zapier > Text > Extract Phone Number action to pull it out and then place this in the SMS action. 

Can you provide more details? It won’t let me upload pictures. I have it like this

  1. new card on trello
  2. Formatter by zapier- text 
  3. send sms zapier - action name 

Any help

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@GetUWired and @Vsankoe 

You won’t be able to use SMS by Zapier to send SMS to Leads, so you’ll have to leverage a different SMS app such as Twilio to send SMS to leads:

FYIs about SMS by Zapier

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@Troy Tessalone 

Oh very cool! I wasn’t aware of that as it has been a while since I’ve used that specific action. 

@Vsankoe please see below. Without knowing specifically how your data is returned from Trello this could change 

Step 1 can be set up to look at a specific board or all boards. in my example, it looks at a specific board. 


Step 2 will pull the phone number out of the description off the card

This is conditional of how your card is formatted though. But the end result will return the phone number that can then be put into an app such as Twilio for texting.

Can you show how you would setup twilio? On the setup action for “from number” I can’t figure it out. It won’t let me put any number into that field

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@Vsankoe You need to first purchase a Phone Number in Twilio.

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Hello @Vsankoe!

Just checking in! Was the information provided by GetUWired and Troy helpful? Were you able to resolve your issue?