I am trying to integrate an RSS feed with ChatGPT to extract specific text from each RSS item to send to ChatGPT.

  • 21 June 2023
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I am trying to integrate an RSS feed to ChatGPT, but I am unable to get the data to send because I have to crawl each RSS item for a particular link to the desired data. 


Here is what each item looks like in the RSS. I am attempting to gather the TEXT but cannot determine the correct flow to get it. Here is the RSS link if anyone would like to try:



Thanks for the help! 

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2 replies

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Hi @drohrich 

Good question.

There are a few ways you can extract the TEXT link from the RSS Item Description.


  1. Formatter > Text > Extract Patter
    1. (using regular expression aka regex
    2. Help:

  2. Code
    1. (custom JavaScript or Python)
  3. ChatGPT/OpenAI
    1. Ask ChatGPT or OpenAI to parse out the TEXT link


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Hey there @drohrich! Just checking in here. Were you able to get this set up using one of the options Troy suggested? 

Keen to ensure you’re all set so please do let us know how you got on. Happy to help if you’re running into issues on this still! 🙂