HubSpot to Teamwork = Creating a task list whenever a new project is created when a deal status is changed to 'Won'

  • 5 June 2024
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Hi everyone! 

I’m currently trying to do a Zap for HubSpot and Teamwork. As the title suggests, it goes like this: 
When a deal status is changed to ‘Won’, create a new Project in Teamwork (click box if no results found, create a new project), Find Project in Teamwork, then Create a Task list from a Template in Teamwork. 

I’m checking if this applies to all projects that are then moved to ‘Won’ status, and follows steps 2 and 3.


According to Zapier support, the 4th step will create a task list from the template as long as it locates the ID of the deal. Does this mean that if Project A has the ID of 123 and Project B has 234, the Zap will only go with Project A? Since it’s the option that was chosen when the Zap was created?

1 reply

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Hi @Studio 

Help us have more context by posting screenshots with how your Zap steps are outlined and configured in EDIT mode, thanks.