HubSpot - How can I make 2 Zaps not collide with each other?

  • 24 July 2022
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I have 2 Zaps configured, the first one is for sending a slack message when a new HubSpot contact is being created, and the second one is for sending a slack message when a HubSpot contact’s fields are being modified.

Currently when I create a new HubSpot contact and get the slack notification, I also get the slack notification for the second Zap, because HubSpot recognizes the creation of a contact as it’s fields being modified.

Is there any way I can tell Zapier to not trigger the second Zap if the first one is being triggered?

Or, alternatively, is there a way to change this behavior from HubSpot’s side?

Thanks in advanced!

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2 replies

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Hi @Egonzalo99 

Good question.

Seems as though you only need Zap 2 since that appears to cover Zap 1 as well.

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Hey there @Egonzalo99 !

Did Troy’s response get you what you needed? Or is it possible that the Slack message you want for a new contact is different than for a modified contact?

If you want different messages you may need to add a Filter step to your Zap to only proceed if it’s a new or updated contact, based on the Zap. Of course, that assumes there is something in the payload that would identify if it was a new or updated contact, like maybe a Status field or a Datetime Created field?

Does that make sense? 

Let us know if there are any more details you need help with!