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  • 7 December 2020
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I’m testing the free version of Zapier to see if I can use Smartsheet to create a draft scheduled social media post.  Since I can only use a single-step Zap I’m limited to what I can test. There are four fields that I would like to connect:

  1. Social Channel to post on
  2. Copy for the post
  3. Set Status to “Draft”
  4. Set the scheduled date.

EDITED:  The last three are easy, but is there a way to choose between our four social accounts to post to when a new row is added?

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5 replies

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FYI: On the FREE version of Zapier, you can create multi-step Zaps to test each step manually, BUT you won’t be able to turn those Zaps ON unless you upgrade to a paid plan.

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Can you clarify the workflow you are trying to configure in the Zap?

Meaning what is the trigger app and what is the action app?

Hi, Troy -  I think I’ve been locked inside my house too long.  :)  

I was just being stupid about the date.  (Interpreting “When” as a condition, not a date.)

So now I’m trying to figure out how to select which social media channel to post to.  General workflow is:

  • New row added in Smartsheet that contains
    • the social channel to post to (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.)
    • the copy for the message.
    • the requested post date.

I can map a copy field on Smartsheet to “Message Content” in HubSpot and the requested date to “When”, and set the “Save as Draft” value to “True.” 

So now I need a way to specify which social channel to post the message to.  Do you know if it’s possible to use a field in Smartsheet to select which social channel to post to?  I think in terms of if/then/else, so IF Smartsheet field value = “facebook”, then set HubSpot social channel to “facebook”.

I appreciate your quick responses by the way!


Good gosh, I’m being stupid, today.  Use filters, you dummy.

Sorry to waste your time.

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Separate Zaps per Social Media Channel


  1. Trigger: Smartsheets New Row
  2. Action: Filter - for each Social Media Channel (
  3. Action: HubSpot