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  • 30 August 2021
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I created a zap to notify attendees through Gmail of an upcoming event from Google calendar Google calendar does not send email notifications to non-responsive invitees, so basically we just want this to go to everyone that was invited no matter their status and a zap is the easiest.  The zap is working as I’d like it for sending the emails, but the emails are not formatting well.

When they come through, they are showing the html markup from Google calendar summary. Here is what I mean.

<p><b><u>Meeting Code: &nbsp;</u></b><u>XXXXXXXXX</u><b><u></u></b></p><p>Password: XXXXXXX</p><p><a href="</a></p><p><b>&nbsp;</b></p><p><b>Dial-in
</b>669-900-6833</p><p>Code: XXXXXXXXX</p><p>Password: XXXXX</p>

I have set it to plain text and HTML and the html markup still shows on both.  I know I could use formatter to pull out the HTML, but that requires an upgraded account. I have 4 simple zaps that I use, literally I am only using it to notify for these events so I don’t want to pay for an upgrade.

Any ideas on how to do this? Each event summary will be a little different so I can’t just have a blanket email that I write in Zapier.

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Hi @Ashearer 

How can I style the emails I send?

You can use HTML to style your emails.

Be sure to set the "Body Type" field to HTML.

You can find some tips for styling emails here