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How to use Zapier formatter to make lists with each list item as a separate output ( for Trello tasks)

  • 11 September 2023
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Good day, I am trying to make a zap that takes a conversation from slack, uses chat GPT to make tasks out of the message, than adds those tasks to Trello (for review by a team lead at the end of the day to ensure they make sense but to still save significant time). I am having issues though with formatting the points to make them different items that I can make multiple cards with, at the moment I can only make one card with a list of tasks. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 



Best answer by Troy Tessalone 12 September 2023, 19:24

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6 replies

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You could transform the results to line items using formatter, then use Looping by Zapier to loop through the line items and create a card for each

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Hi @John Smith 

Good question.

What does the output of the ChatGPT step look like?

You may have to add this Zap action: ChatGPT - Extract Structured Data

You’ll likely need to use the Looping app:

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Good day 

@Troy Tessalone 

Thank you for your assistance.

For further context the input test message in slack was as follows:

Good day team we recently got a request to do a job for John Smith from Smith Finances. He will require onboarding and would therefore require a salesmen to contact his office at to gain all the necessary information of the business to then add to our records. i salesmen will have to arrange for a meeting with him or a relevant subordinate and create a proposal for his business and gain the details of what the customer is looking for. As we are have a large amount of leads to follow up on this will have to be done by the end of the week


The output from Chat GPT was:

1. Assign a salesperson to contact John Smith from Smith Finances at to initiate the onboarding process. 2. Instruct the salesperson to gather all the necessary information about John Smith's business and add it to our records. 3. The salesperson should schedule a meeting with John Smith or a relevant subordinate to discuss their specific requirements. 4. Task the salesperson with creating a proposal tailored to John Smith's business needs. 5. Instruct the salesperson to finalize the proposal and gather any additional details from the customer before the end of the week. 6. Prioritize this task and ensure the time frame is clearly communicated to the salesperson. 7. Provide any necessary support or resources needed by the salesperson to complete the onboarding process successfully.


I did implement the ChatGPT - Extract Structured Data step and it did break it up properly, regarding looping by Zapier I do not know which values to the loops I should use as all the available options are the 7 action steps provided by Chat GPT.


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@John Smith 

Try this…

Instruct ChatGPT to separate the list of number items with double pipes ||.

Then you can use the Looping (Create Loop From Text) and set the Text Delimiter to double pipes ||.

That means you likely won’t need the other ChatGPT Zap step.


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Thank you @Troy Tessalone that worked perfectly.


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Glad to hear it @John Smith! 🎉🎉🎉 

Thanks so much for circling back in here to confirm that Troy’s suggestion sorted it. Please do reach out to the Community again if you need help with anything else - we’re always here and happy to assist!