How to use host database data in separate Zap for email notifications?

  • 8 December 2023
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I now have a host database that stores data in a Google Sheet and in Tables via its own Zap. Now I have another Zap that starts as a trigger with a "New or Updated Spreadsheet Row" and works as soon as a new customer request comes in.< this not the hostdatabase! At the end of this Zap, an email should be sent, and before that, a loop should run. Any of my hostdatabasecontacts should get a mail of customer requests. Now, I still lack the ability to use the host data from the other Zap here so that I can forward the request to all host database contacts. So how can I use/copy or in any way the stored data from my hostdatabase to a zap where my customer-inquiries starts on behalf on another form entry. If I try to use my Table, where I stored the hostdatabase with find records i have everytime to set a Lookupfield of the table (fine) but also a lookupvalue of my googlesheet-customerdata which in this case doesn´t make sence. Please help me. I think a solution is quiet easy but until now I didn´t find one.

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6 replies

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Hi @Imrello596865 

Good question.

To help us have more context, post screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured.

Offcourse, with this Zap I am collecting my B2B-Partnerdata: 


and with the following very long Zap (incase of many transformationsteps) I am getting individual requests of my customers: 


so and now I need to send every B2B-partner the customer-request via mail. In the mail I am also individualizing the Buttonlink. But I can´t find until now a solution how I can use the incoming-request of customers as trigger to run a automation where I send each B2B-Partner a mail… here is the open Zap:


would be great if you can help me with a view options and a step-by-step description. I have also already tried to work with Lookup, but there the Zap force me to take a Lookupfield from Sheet A and a Lookupvalue from sheet B, but these are complete different sheets. I have my B2B-Customerdata also collected in Tables, but with the actual aopen Zapway I can´t find a solution on my own.

Many Thanks for your help🙏

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FYI: 1 Code step can be used to replace multiple Formatter steps.


Also, you may want to look into using AI to do the language translation and possibly save steps.

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If you are trying to get multiple rows from a GSheet, then those rows would all need to have the same lookup value.

e.g. If you had a lookup table like below, then you could use GSheets Lookup Row(s) and search by the LOOKUP field for a value of YES and that would return the 3 rows.



Thanks for your feedback. Have I to update both sheets with by a lookupcolunm YES? 

Considering my latest screenshot, I'm a bit unsure about the sequence of steps I should follow. The trigger is a new customer inquiry in sheet A. The goal is that in the end, each contact from Sheet B receives an individual email with the formatted request. So, the starting point is 'New or Updated Spreadsheet A,' then 'Lookup Spreadsheet B Column YES?' Do I also need to have a YES column in A? Or am I totally wrong? I also have to set up a Loop, which react on the step befor, so in my opinion on the all sheet B contects rows from bottom up. Would be great if you help me a bit more detailed how to set this up.

Big Thanks







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If you want to be able to get all the rows from GSheet B, then you will need to add a lookup column that has the same value for all the rows.


So, the starting point is 'New or Updated Spreadsheet A,' then 'Lookup Spreadsheet B Column YES?'



Do I also need to have a YES column in A?

It can be any column.