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How to use data from Airtable in DocuSign to be signed by the sender and recipient?

  • 4 August 2021
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Hi, has anyone created many zaps with Docusign?


I have seen how to say drag data out of Airtable to create and send off for signing a templated document however I cannot see how it can be signed by the sender (on the recipient)


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6 replies

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Hi @Buttonjer 

Check out this related topic about a pending feature request:


You may want to consider a different e-signature app:

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Hi @Buttonjer!


If you’d like to send a document to be signed by someone, you can use the Create Signature Request action to send the request. As @Troy Tessalone pointed out, you can only send the request to one person, not multiple. 


I hope that helps, let us know if you have any extra questions!

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Hi @Buttonjer,


I’m using Plumsail Documents for a similar purpose. It’s easily connected with Airtable via Zapier. And the software has direct integration with DocuSign, so you can configure DocuSign delivery and all recipients, signers inside the Plumsail account. Then just trigger the zap on Airtable event, and add an action Start Process in Plumsail Documents. It will include DocuSign delivery itself, with no additional steps in Zapier. Maybe, this help docs will describe in more detail

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Thanks @Christin that looks like something I could make work for me. I will chec it out more today :)

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@Christin This is most likely a silly question, however in Docusign, how do I set the signature fields on the documents? I can see how to set the names, email addresses etc however the document is delivered with no define signature spaces?





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Hi @Buttonjer ,


I guess you need to add DocuSign signature tags into the document template. Maybe, this will be helpful