How to use data from a previous action on a dynamic field?

  • 5 June 2020
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Hi, I’m trying to build an action using a dynamic field, this dynamic field needs to make a request to my API, but it needs some information from a previous action to be able to bring the correct information.




But when i type directly to the Contatc’s id field, the dynamic field can access it correctly , so my question is how can i  use data from a previous action on a dynamic field?


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1 reply

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Hi @Antonio, welcome to the Community!


When you use a custom value for a field, many apps then have trouble loading the correct dynamic fields. When you type in the value, it’s the equivalent of choosing it from the picklist, which is why the correct fields are then pulled up for the rest of the step.  


If the dynamic fields are the same for all of the possible contacts, then one way that you can sometimes workaround this is to:

  1. Select a contact using the dropdown list to pull up the dynamic fields
  2. Complete the step of the Zap, mapping any information that you need into the relevant fields
  3. Change the contact ID back to the value from the previous step. That will remove any fields that appear as a result of choosing a specific contact and you might see a warning that says that there are extra fields, ignore that and test the step. 

This workaround works for some apps, but not all so you’ll need to give it a try to see if it works in this case.