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How to upload Zoom recordings to Youtube?

  • 5 August 2020
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Hello Zapier team,

I love your product and we use it at work.

Since the previous topic was marked as “Solved” but still not working, I thoughts I’d create a new Question/Ticket.

It would be amazing to be able to upload directly to YouTube once a Zoom recording is done processing. A cherry on top would be to delete the recording on Zoom’s system once the upload is done.

Thank you!


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9 replies

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So - I have skimmed past the answers in the previous thread, and there are a lot. Can I ask what would stop you from: 

  1. Using Dropbox or GoogleDrive locally save a Zoom recording (setting destination folder to a folder you want to upload to Youtube)
  2. Create a trigger when a new file is added to this folder
  3. Upload it to Youtube?

(Sorry if this has already been suggested - Or if I’ve misunderstood the request)

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The problem is downloading the file from Zoom using Zapier.


I thought maybe I could do: Zoom → Google Drive → YouTube, but when doing that, the file that gets uploaded to Google Drive is the sign in page html.


So the problem seems to be that Zapier is not returning the private download url.

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My suggestion is to not do that, and to save it locally instead of on the cloud. 

I don’t have a solution for downloading the video, I’m afraid. 

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@andywingrave That would defeat the point of the whole process. If I download it off Zoom and upload it to Google Drive, I can just upload it to YouTube directly. The point of this Zap is to automate the process so it goes from Zoom to YouTube directly.

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Hey Ali, I’m not sure  I’ve explained myself clearly. My suggestion is as follows:

In Zoom you can upload to the cloud or you can save locally. My suggestion is specifically to save locally, and use a sync folder in Drive or Dropbox. 

These sync folders will auto-upload to the respective clouds, allowing you to trigger a zap from this activity.

  • In short, you wouldn’t need to download or upload it anywhere. You’d just be saving to a local folder that was synced to a different cloud. 

This way you can use Dropbox’s or Google Drive’s triggers to upload to Youtube. 

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Hi @Ali!

The suggestion that @andywingrave was making was to go into your Zoom app settings and choose a different folder in which to store recordings:

So if you choose your Google Drive or Dropbox folder, then you could trigger from one of those apps in Zapier and upload to YouTube that way.

I’ve updated the thread here, clarifying the suggestions that had been made: 



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Thanks @nicksimard 

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I want to be able to go Zoom to YouTube without using my own computer as an intermediary. Recording locally requires my computer to transcode the video and I would rather Zoom do that on my behalf.


Since @nicksimard has updated the original post, we’ll continue the discussion there. 

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As you can read in this article, Zoom’s New Recording trigger now downloads files!!

There are some caveats, so be sure to have a look at that link above. But, hopefully, this helps a lot of y’all out :)