How to update Smartsheet with custom field date added later on?

  • 9 February 2022
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My ask is

I have a smartsheet with pre-filled data.
And I have trello cards with the same data plus a few more custom date areas that would be filled later

I want these custom feild dates to reflect in my smart sheet.

Smart Sheet Column
A-Filled  B-Filled  C-Filled  D--Filled  E-To be updated from Trello later automatically F-Filled  G--Filled 

Is that possible?

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3 replies

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Hi @DeeDee 

Check out the available triggers/actions for each app…




Try configuring a Zap and testing, then let us know how it goes.

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@Troy Tessalone I tried this but it is asking for a specific list on Trello.

I want that if the Customs Felid Start Date is updated on any card on the list, that date should be automatically updated on a particular column on the smartsheet

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Can you confirm your current Zap steps configuration by posting screenshots of each?