How to update an existing Todoist task when Google Calendar event is updated?

  • 9 September 2022
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Hi everyone, I’m looking for some brilliant minds to help me with my challenge :-)

What I’d like to achieve is when someone adds a new event OR updates an event in my google calendar, it creates a task in Todoist OR updates an existing task. 

Now, I’ve managed to achieve this first part relatively easily but I can’t seem to get the second part to work which is searching for an existing task and updating it with the new information. I’m getting an error message that it can’t find it. I’ve tried using a custom field of ‘Summary’ which is the event title. I can achieve it if I look for a specific existing event but that’s a bit pointless. 

I’ve also tried this from a slightly different direction and duplicating a new event from my main google calendar into a specific todoist google calendar (this allows me to toggle my todoist tasks on/off and there’s a pretty good integration directly). But then I come up with the exact same problem...I can’t seem to find existing events and then update them with a new time, as an example. 

I’ve also got a slight issue with recurring events that I need to limit but need to achieve the above first.

Any cleverer people than myself have any ideas? 


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3 replies

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Hi @OllyW81 ,

Thank you for using our Community 😊


At the moment Find Task in Todoist action only searches in the name field, not other fields in the task. The closest the task name is to the event in Google calendar, the more chances to find the correct one. 

If you’re already integrating both apps, do the events and tasks have the same name? And do they have unique/specific details in the title?


Let us know your thoughts!

Hi @Daniela_Paulo, thanks for the reply. Because the first zap I’ve set up duplicated the event, either from one calendar to another or as I’ve tried here directly into todoist then it’s the exact same title but it still doesn’t seem to find it. That’s why I’m wondering if it’s even possible. I’ve attached two screen shots which I thought might be useful. 



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Hi @OllyW81!

Hmm, that’s odd, I’d expect it to find the task. If you search for ‘Talent Time’ directly in Todoist, does it find anything? 


I had a search through our notes on Todoist and there was an issue where if there are two identically named tasks in two different projects, then the search will fail. You mentioned that you already had duplicate tasks, so perhaps this is related to that? Are you able to try it on a task that you know there’s only one of to see if that works?