How to trigger a Zap for updates to a row in Google Big Query to populate data in a Google Doc?

  • 14 March 2024
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Hey all,


I am working on a Zap at the moment using Google Big Query and google docs.

I have a zap that when new rows are added to a query it populates data in a google doc, this works really well for new rows being created, but what if it is just an update to a row… this is where I am stuck

I hoped I could use Updated Row trigger from BQ to trigger the start of the flow but nothing seems to be happening. I think it might be to do with these two fields highlighted but I am not sure



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9 replies

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Hi @TitanBen 

Once you select a Table, you will be able to select a “Unique Column” from the dropdown list.
The “Value” field expects the value to match against the column in the WHERE clause.


Hey @Troy Tessalone ,


I am slightly confused as to what this means?


Unique column - is this the row’s unique Identifier

Value - Should I be pasting in test data or something here? It would be great to see some screenshots of what you would do?



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Select a value for Table from the dropdown list.

Select a value for Unique Column from the dropdown list. (e.g. AAA)

Input a value for Value column. (e.g. XXX)

Those settings becomes: WHERE AAA = XXX


I have the same issue here. If the Unique Column is a unique identifier (eg. ID), what value do we put in to the ‘Value’ column? As there is no dropdown for dynamic values, the only entry possible is a static value (a number or a string), which is not unique. What am I missing?

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Hi @TitanBen and @ChrisHuyghe! 👋

@TitanBen - were you able to get that Updated Row trigger set up following Troy’s suggestions? Let us know if you’re still stuck on this - happy to assist! 

@ChrisHuyghe - In the Unique Column you’d select the column that you’re going to be checking for updates in. As Troy mentioned earlier, you’d likely need to select the Table that the column exists in first, before the list of available columns will appear in the Column field’s dropdown menu.

If you’ve selected values for the required Project ID, Dataset and Table fields but there’s still no options listed for the column, then you could try selecting it using the Custom value option where you’d enter the ID for the column directly into the Column field - see our Add custom values to dropdown menu fields in Zaps guide for more details.

Then, in the Value field you’d enter in the value you’d want to check the selected column for. For example if you had a column called Status and you wanted the Zap to trigger for updates where the “Status” of a row is set to “Closed” you’d enter the word Closed into the Value field. Since the Value field is not a dropdown field it’s not possible to select from a list of existing values.

Hope that helps. If you run into any further trouble just let us know! 🙂

@SamB I’m still having the issue. The Unique column is ID. So what do you put in the value column? You can’t just put a static value? The ID is different for every record.

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Sorry to hear that, @ChrisHuyghe

The ID wouldn’t change for each row so that wouldn’t be the right column to use. Although it’s named Unique Column it’s not actually looking for a column containing a unique value like an ID. It’s looking for a specific column to check for updates in. The Updated Row trigger will not be able to look for any updates made to a row, it’s very specific and will only trigger for specific changes i.e. where a specific column has been changed to have a specific value (static, not dynamic value). 

Is there another column you could select to have the Zap check for specific changes?

If there aren’t any suitable columns then perhaps you could add a new column called “Send to Zapier” (or whatever you prefer) and select that column in the Zap. Then you could set the value to be something like “Y” so that when making a change to a row could add the value Y in the “Send to Zapier” column and that would trigger the Zap. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

@SamB , Thank you very much for that. So the name of the zap is a bit deceiving? It is not really an “updated row in BigQuery”, but an updated column with specific predetermined values. I assume for updated rows, we would have to use the ‘new rows in BigQuery’ Zap and delete the old row that it replaces?

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Thanks for getting back to me, @ChrisHuyghe. 🙂

It definitely wasn’t given that name through any intent to deceive or give a false representation of what functionality the Updated Row trigger provides. It does technically trigger for an updated row, but unfortunately is currently limited to looking for certain changes to a specific column. I totally understand how it’s current functionality isn’t ideal.

I’d suggest reaching out to our Support team to put in a feature request for that trigger to be made more flexible, to allow it to trigger on updates in any column of the row not just one specific column. 

The approach you mentioned of creating a new row and deleting the old one every time you want to make an update should in theory allow you to use the New Row trigger instead of the Updated Row trigger. I can’t think of any other potential workarounds at this time, other than the one I previously mentioned, but if I do come across any further workarounds or ideas I’ll be sure to share them here.

Please do keep us posted on how you get on with that workaround. And please let me know if there’s anything else I can help in the meantime.