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How to transfer data from desired pipeline in AMOCRM

  • 4 August 2022
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Pleas can you help me with my issue. 
I can not understand how to set filter for transfer data from AMOCRM to GA. 
I can not find how to let Zapier know thaw we need transfer data only when deal will be in desired pipeline.



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5 replies

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Hi @TonyMass 

Good question.

Your right side value should be static, otherwise the filter will always evaluate to true.


Yes sure, but how to set that system understand I need data only when deals will be on desired pipeline?

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You need to get the ID of the desired pipeline then set a static/hardcoded value on the right side of the Filter condition.

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Hi @TonyMass ,

Just passing by to check if you were able to follow @Troy Tessalone ‘s suggestion and add the ID of the pipeline to the filter as a static condition?

Let us know, and happy zapping 🙂

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Just dropping in to clarify Troy’s reply here. This filter will work, but you need to type in the ID of the pipeline that you want it be as the ‘matches’ value (the field on the right) instead of using the value that comes from the test field:


I hope that clears things up!