How to transfer data from desired pipeline in AMOCRM

  • 4 August 2022
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Pleas can you help me with my issue. 
I can not understand how to set filter for transfer data from AMOCRM to GA. 
I can not find how to let Zapier know thaw we need transfer data only when deal will be in desired pipeline.


4 replies

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Hi @TonyMass 

Good question.

Your right side value should be static, otherwise the filter will always evaluate to true.


Yes sure, but how to set that system understand I need data only when deals will be on desired pipeline?

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You need to get the ID of the desired pipeline then set a static/hardcoded value on the right side of the Filter condition.

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Hi @TonyMass ,

Just passing by to check if you were able to follow @Troy Tessalone ‘s suggestion and add the ID of the pipeline to the filter as a static condition?

Let us know, and happy zapping 🙂