How to sync to Google Sheets and then keep them in sync

  • 24 December 2022
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I have a CRM board in which has contact details for my suppliers. I would like to create a Zapp that pushes the data of this CRM to a Google Sheets file. After the initial push, I want it to always be in sync so if any new items are created in the CRM or existing ones updated, Google Sheets updates to reflect this.

How can I do this? I saw the options below but not sure which accomplishes first A) the initial push of all the data (given that the Google Sheet is empty now) and then B) the continual update + sync.



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4 replies

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Hi @bz181d 

Good question.

Zapier is not mean for 2-way sync between apps:

I am purely after a one way sync - so dumping data to Google Sheets in the manner described above.

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FYI: Zaps work while turned ON for new data going forward.

Generally a concept of logic that includes find, else create + update is used to keep data in “sync”.

Try one of these Zap triggers for Monday.



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Hey there, @bz181d! I wanted to pop in and see if you were able to get this up and running? Or at least the second part of your question pertaining to setting up your zap. 🙂 Here’s some tips on how to setup your Google Sheets to work best with Zapier.

Regarding the bulk transfer of the old contacts, as Troy mentioned zaps only work with new incoming data after the zap has been turned on.

Since isn’t supported for Transfer (typically what we would recommend in these scenarios to import the existing data to Google Sheets) here’s a workaround we’ve recommended in the past that may be helpful:

Either way keep us posted how this is coming along! 🤗