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How to: Sync Google Sheets and Google Contacts

  • 1 April 2020
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Has anyone managed to create a Zap flow that, in effect, “syncs” Google Contacts with a Google sheet? I don’t need it to be a 2-way sync; I just want to be able to update contacts on a sheet and have those updates (including adds and deletes) sync back to Google contacts.

Part 1

I believe the Trigger within Google Sheets needs to be “new or updated row”. From there, I tried “Update Contact” within Google contacts, but it looks like that’s actually updating a specific contact. Or, I could go to “Custom” and match the value? I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to do that or add a step that “Finds” the contact based on email first.

In any case, I tried both to no avail.

Part 2

Then, I don’t think “Delete a contact” is an option. The only option I can think of is adding the contact to a Group or add a “tag” like DELETE and then going back in later and manually deleting. 

Appreciate anyone’s help!




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Hi Lindsay,

You’re correct that there’s no action that allows you to delete a contact, so you’re propose workflow could definitely be something you could try :)

That first part should be possible with a Zap like this:

Trigger: Google Sheets — New or Updated Row
Action: Google Contacts — Find Contact (and create if not found)
Filter (optional but recommended): Only continue if Zap Data Found is TRUE
Action: Google Contacts — Update Contact

What that will do is trigger anytime one of your rows is updated or a new one is created, then it looks for a contact that has that email address (or full name, if you want). If nothing is found, one gets created and the filter will stop the Zap from running the update step because no contact was found. If there’s an existing contact, the filter will allow the Zap to continue and your contact will be updated.

The crucial step is the one where you update the contact that was found. You’ll want to use this field as the custom value (otherwise you’ll update the same contact every time):



Does that make sense? Please let me know if you have any other questions or if anything is unclear. 

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Hey Nick!

OMG, I thought I responded to this but it looks like I didn’t! Thanks for the helpful info, I’m going to try this today/tomorrow and will let you know how it goes (and if I have any more questions).