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How to stop Gmail from including "This message seems dangerous"?

  • 9 June 2021
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Alert from Gmail in some emails sent through Zap

We have several Zaps set up to send reminder emails to our clients about their upcoming events. These have all been working well since March and just this week 2 of the emails included an alert from Gmail “This message seems dangerous”. 

I marked “Looks safe” on the 1st alert I got on Monday and then I got a 2nd one today. 

The emails are sent from my coworker’s work Gmail address and include 1-4 clients + bcc to me. 

Hoping for help on how we can prevent this alert on future emails. Thank you!



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Hi @bonnie 

Take a look at this article for context:

Thank you, @Troy Tessalone!

I appreciate your help finding this article!

While our email body only has 2 links and no images, we do have 4 social media links in our email signatures. I’ll try removing those in hopes it stops these errors.


Thank you,


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There are many factors that could contribute to Gmail warning message being shown.

One includes spoofing, where an email appears to come from yourself but is really being sent from another app.

One end user receiving this email may see that warning message, whereas another end user receiving this email may not.

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Mod Edit: 03-29-2023

Hey all, I just wanted to follow up to add some more suggestions here! 

There are a number of things you can try to help prevent your emails being seen as potentially dangerous:

  • Do not use CSS or HTML to hide content within your messages.
  • Don’t embed lots of images. 
  • Check for and fix any broken links. And don’t include links that run multiple redirections.
  • Avoid adding lots of recipients.
  • Keep links in the email body and signature to a minimum.
  • Avoid attaching a lot of files. 
  • Ensure the email is well written and don’t use too many spam trigger words.
  • Avoid having the same email address in the From and To fields.

Useful resources:

Bulk/high volume emails:
If you are sending a high volume of automated transactional emails or newsletters/campaigns, it may be best to switch to a dedicated high-volume email provider like the ones listed here: