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How to start an automation 1 time a day at midnight

  • 11 October 2022
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Dear all,

I need to start an automation 1 time a day at midnight.

My need is that zapier do this thing:

  • At midnight - 1 time a day
  • Check the orders on my site with “pending status”
  • Turn orders with "pending" status into "completed" status

Below the automation outline that I created, but I had 10 orders in "processing" status and zapier turned only 3 into "completed"

Thank you for your help.



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3 replies

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Hi @Accademia Pedagogia Viva 

Good question.

Most Zap triggers/actions work on a per record basis.

In Zap step 2, you probably want to change the Status to “Pending”.


For your use case, you’ll need to create a looping Zap to continue to find matching Orders until there are no matches.

Here’s how to implement the concept using Webhooks:



In Zap step 2, you probably want to change the Status to “Pending”.



Dear Troy,

I need to change the pending orders status into > completed status

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Hey there @Accademia Pedagogia Viva !


The main issue you will run into with a Zap like this is that the “Find” action will only ever find a single record.  It will not find all new records that are marked as Pending.  In Zapier, Find/Search steps only ever return a single item unless the description of the app explicitly says it will return more than one, and this is why you see 10 in WC but Zapier has only touched 3.

Looking at the WooCommerce app we offer, I am afraid we do not have a search step which will do what you wish here.

What if you were to use a workflow like this instead?:

  • WooCommerce New Order trigger
  • Filter by Zapier action (Only continue if status = Pending)
  • Delay by Zapier action (delay until midnight)
  • WooCommerce Update Order action

Since the search will not do what you wish, the main workaround I could imagine is catching all New Orders as they arrive and then delaying them until midnight.   Let me know if you had other considerations in your workflow that you omitted or any question you may have, but this might work for you =)