How to split a full name field into separate first and last name fields?

  • 20 May 2021
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We're working with Facebook Lead Ads and Shopify.Only the full name can be selected.Is it possible to separate the surname from the first name?Why aren't there options on Facebook lead ads when they can be separated?

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5 replies

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Hi @Michael.S,

Use a Zapier formatter step to split the text to get the separate name values that you want. In the formatter step select ‘text’. Then split text option...


Hope this helps!

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Hi @Michael.S 

One thing to keep in mind with names is there there won’t always be just a first name and last name.

Sometimes people have multiple first names or last names, include a middle name, have a prefix like Dr., include a suffix like Jr., etc.

Just something to be aware of using Formatter > Text > Split.

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Thank you! XRay!

Is this setting correct?


Which should Shopify set?

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Thank you! Troy!

I agree.

However, in the case of Japanese, there is no middle name.
It's just the first name and the last name.


Just something to be aware of using Formatter > Text > Split.


This should pay attention to the characteristics of the entered character string.
Do you agree with the recognition?


For example
XRay, who gave me some advice,

He told the separator [: space:].

Is this something like this?




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Yes, the advice @XRay Tech provided is correct.

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