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How to setup dynamic formulas in Google Sheets?

Hi everyone,

I am a bit lost with my zap; here is what I need to do : 


  • Data from Typeform falls into Google Sheet Worksheet 1 (another zap). Since it’s from Typeform, I can’t modify this worksheet.
  • The worksheet 2 takes on the data from sheet 1 and applies some formulas. 

The problem is, when I use formulas, the row stays the same, and I need it to be dynamic.


I didnt manage to do it through search & update row actions. Can you please help? 


Thank you !




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Hi @Anastasia 

Good question.

Please provide screenshots with how your GSheets are configured along with outlining a specific examples so we have more context to follow for what you are trying to do, thanks.

Sure, thanks ! 

Here is the Worksheet 1:

Worksheet 2 with formulas:


Lines 20 to 23 are zapier tests, it takes on the formula with row 17 instead of 20, 21, etc 

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If you’re going to try to use GSheets for this, then you’ll likely need to use the advanced ARRAYFORMULA:


I’d suggest you consider using Airtable instead of GSheets.

Zap data to the Airtable Base Table, then have additional formula fields do the calculations.

Much better for this type of tracking and formulas.


Thanks a lot will check out Airtable! is the formula functions same as in GSheets?

I also use Notion can it be an alternative?

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Airtable is a relational database app so formulas, put simply, work across 1 record or it’s linked records, which is different than GSheets where formulas can work across different rows.



I don’t have enough in depth experience with Notion formulas to advise, but since it’s also a database app, it likely has similar constraints as Airtable.