How to set up a Zap to send Slack notifications for inSided new topics and join requests for a private group

  • 22 June 2023
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Hey Zapiers, 


I have a private group on inSided (Gainsight Digital Hub). What I would like to accomplish is setting up a Slack channel for notifications for when a new topic, new reply, and new join request happen in this inSided private group. 

Has anyone done this? I’m a Zapier newbie so detailed instructions are needed and SO appreciated.

3 replies

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Hi @zapping_lion!

You’ve come to the right place, given that we use the same platform for our Community :) 

But, I happened to notice that you asked in the inSided community and got a great response. So I’d refer anyone who finds this thread to check out that post, since the OP says it worked for them!

Hi @nicksimard, that’s correct. I was actually having issues with posting on the Zapier community and reached out to support. I ended up getting help on the inSided community 💪

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Ah, that thread makes me smile! Community for the win! 🎉