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How to send URL to Google Sheets

  • 5 July 2022
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Good day!

Coulp you help me please. I have a form on website that contains Name, Phone. I figured out how to get date with {{zap_meta_human_now}}. Is there any way to get URL (with utm) from what that form was filled?


Best answer by ZappinAndy 19 July 2022, 02:44

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Hey@Serhii - happy to help here! Is this form a supported app on Zapier? Or are you receiving form results another way? Looking at how you tagged this post, I am going to take an educated guess that the form in question is a Google Form. Are you looking to get the URL of a specific form result? Or are you trying to track where this person came from before landing on your form?

If the former, you may be able to craft a URL to the individual response using something like the following: ID)/edit#response=(RESPONSE ID)

If the ladder, you might consult Google Analytics or your local website analytic service (if one exists with your hosting provider) for more detail on where your traffic is coming from.

Let us know if you have any other questions around this!

Good day!

It is not a Google form. It’s form on website, where you can send result to Zapier (throught the integration). You connect account on Zap, in Zap you choose Form Submission in Sitebuilder Form. Then you send answers Google Sheets. And when the user fills the form you will get ansers in Google Sheets. But if I have the same form on different site pages, the URLs of theese pages is’nt sending ro Google Sheets.

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Hey Serhii,

It sounds like the app name of that trigger step is “Sitebuilder Form”. Is that correct? 

If so, it sounds like this Sitebuilder step is a Private/Invite Only app integration, since I don’t see a public app integration with that name.

If that’s the case, it sounds like Sitebuilder is not providing a link to the submission that was made. Is it sending a submission id?

If neither is provided, I might recommend reaching the Sitebuilder team, or the contact who invited you to the private integration, as they may be able to update the step so that it sends that data along 👍️

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Hey @Serhii! Hope @ZappinAndy's answer helped you! Have you tried reaching out to the Sitebuilder team to see if they can update the app to offer that field?

Let us know what you have found out, as it can help other users who are looking to get the URL field from that app!

@ZappinAndy , yeah. It’s Sitebuilder Form. Okay then, I will try to contact them. Thank you :)