How to send Shopify email from Typeform entry ?

  • 4 December 2023
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Hello Zapier Community !

I have been working very hard on a skincare recommendations form for my skincare brands. I want customers to be able to fill the form, then 1. receive a link to a Shopify cart and then 2. receive an in-depth email about their products recommandations.

I have designed my form using Typeform (I must admit creating the 112 combinations of answers is pretty exhausting and time-consuming) and my email template using Shopify. I have found tutorials on how to link Typeform entries to Shopify cart, but I just can’t seem to find how to automate sending of an Email from Shopify, using Typeform results.

In simpler terms : basically what I’m looking for is that if user X answer questions and reach Typeform result B, then email B gets sent. If user Y reach Typeform result C, then email C gets sent. Sounds simple in theory, right ! I have high hopes that Zapier is just the right tool, and that I just havent’t figured out just yet how to configure the app to match my needs.

I am adding Gmail to the list of topics as maybe it would be a better match for what I am trying to achieve ? I know Typeform has its own “send follow up email” options but I really don’t want to send my customer the plain-text email that they propose.

  • I apologize for any confusion or grammatical error as English is not my first language. I will be infinitely thankful to anyone who can help me on this topic. 


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3 replies

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Hi there @adeptologie,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

You can probably utilize Paths to achieve your workflow.

You can learn more about using this sort of branching logic to carry out different actions here:

Hopefully, this helps!

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Hi @adeptologie , while I agree with @ken.a that Zapier Paths might be the solution this, but the number of combinations that you’re defining here are just too much to handle, as there are a few limitations to how Paths can be used. 


You may go path-within-paths but again, that will be too complex to manage. 

I pulled up a similar thing using paths, however the combinations where just 4 and I had to create 5-8 different paths. 

An Alternate Approach

If you code a little bit in javascript or Python, I would recommend to dynamically generate the email by checking the typeform decision making variables/answers and then generating the html body of the email through code. 

You’ll have much better chance of getting it right that way and also be able to maintain it in the long-run as emails tend to change and update over time. 

I can go in more detail if you’re willing to take this route. Hope that helps. Thanks

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Hi @adeptologie ,

It looks like when the Typeform New Entry trigger triggers, it comes through with the answers to questions, if not the ending pages (unfortunately). Are the answers to the questions enough for you to send folks the various emails?

How many different emails are there?