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How to send related Knack data in one zap to Sched It

  • 25 February 2020
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I am using Knack with 2 tables in it that are connected by a Container ID. It's a one to many relationship. The parent table has CONTAINER DETAILs in it and the children have events that happen to the containers (CONTAINER EVENTS). I would like to zap data from both the parent table and the child table within the same zap to Sched It as an event. The only solutions I have come up is bad database design: I would have to duplicate the fields in the CONTAINER DETAIL table in the CONTAINER EVENTS table.

…really this issue applies to all zaps using Knack.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi @JuliaG , thanks for posting to our community! To better assist you, could you let me know which apps are you trying to make Zaps for? I understand the first one is Knack, but your previous ticket to our support team says that you are not using Quickbooks any longer. Could you provide me with more information so I may assist you further?

Thank you!

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The question in this thread pertains to Knack. I am trying to send info from Knack to Sched It. The data is in 2 tables in Knack and I would like this data to populate 1 event in Sched it. I currently have it working in the following manner but am open to a more efficient method.

Currently it is set up this way:

There are 2 tables in Knack: CONTAINER DETAILS AND CONTAINER EVENTS (1 TO many relationship connected by a container number). When the status in CONTAINER DETAILS is changed to 'AVAILABLE', a zap triggers to create 2 new CONTAINER EVENT records and 2 events in SCHED IT by doing the following:

1) create a new record in CONTAINER EVENTS (now the zap has the data it needs from CONTAINER DETAILS AND the new CONTAINER EVENT)

2) create the new event in SCHED IT with the data from step 1

3) basically repeat steps one and two but the CONTAINER EVENT data is the container is slightly different.

This approach requires me to put more 'coding' in my zap as opposed to in Knack and I don't think will exactly satisfy our needs.


We held a design meeting yesterday and confirmed that we would prefer the following which is what I described in my original post..

I tried to create the following but couldn't seem to access all of the Knack data that I needed to build it. I could only access the data of the table that caused the zap to trigger not any tables that are connected to that table in Knack.

When the status in CONTAINER DETAILS is changed to 'AVAILABLE', 2 records would be created in Container Details. There status would be 'Unavailable'. The user now uses a Knack page to change each event's status to 'Schedule'. This change triggers to zap to do the following:

1) Get container data from CONTAINER DETAILS as well as data from CONTAINER EVENTS

2) Create a new event in SCHED IT with the data collected from step 1

Your Question about Qbooks Online

Qbooks is still being used but it is Qbooks Enterprise not Qbooks online which is not supported by Zapier. I solved this interface issue by exporting the sales orders from Qbooks into a excel file. I wrote vba code to flatten the Qbooks report so that all the necessary cells are populated, push this data into Google Sheets. These new records in Google Sheets cause a zap to trigger and creates the new sales order records in Knack. It's not as clean as having a direct zap but it's what works given the accountant needed the functionality in Qbooks Enterprise that is not offered in Qbooks Online.

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Hi there! Thanks for sharing those details and nice work on finding a workaround for using QuickBooks Enterprise rather than online!

I'm not super familiar with Knack, but could you use the information from the CONTAINER DETAILS that you get in the trigger in a Find Record action to search for the 'CONTAINER EVENTS' record?

So the Zap would look roughly like this:

  1. Trigger: Knack - Updated Record
  2. Action: Knack - Find record (search for the CONTAIN EVENTS)
  3. Action: Schedule it

Do you think that would work for what you need?