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How to send shipping labels to Gmail as PDFs?

  • 3 September 2021
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Hi Zapier Members,

I just made a zap where a shipping label (PDF) is automatically created in when an order comes in in my payment software.

But now I want to have this PDF automatically sent to my Gmail account, so that when I get home in the evening, I can send these individual PDF mails together to the email address of my printer, which will print the shipping labels.

Does anyone know how I can do this?
This is the user manual of (company for making shipping labels):
(english version)

I myself can't find the right information in this manual because I don't do this very often, but maybe someone of you can find the right information for me here? so I can complete this last step😊

I look forward to your responses,

best Sincerely, Marco



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Hi @Marco456 

That is totally doable using the API from MyParcel. You first need to create a webhook in MyParcel and connect the with “Webhook by Zapier”. Then you’ll be able to GET the label as soon as they are created as PDF.

Dear @robschmidt,


Thanks for your explanation! :)


When I navigate to MyParcel and navigate to webhooks it says the following:

'’With this webhook you can program the functionality to create labels yourself in your webshop or order system. To use this you have to fill this field with a url ( and save the page. The webhook will be deactivated if you delete the url. View the documentation:
for more information.'’

I assume that in place of ''yourapi'' in the link: ,

my API code should come. Does it have to be 64-encoded?

And in the GET By Zapier, Set up action, I assume that at ''URL'' I have to paste this URL above (with my API code, 64-encoded)?

And what information do I have to fill in with the empty boxes of ''Set up action? See attachment image in this comment)

Sincerely, Marco