How to send Mailchimp email based off specific product purchased

  • 14 January 2022
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I am wondering if I can set up a Zap to receive information from Stripe based on what product a customer has purchased, which then triggers Mailchimp to place them in a list/group with tag which then takes care of an email that goes out.

I seem to have the Mailchimp aspect of Zap figured out, but not Stripe. The options in Zapier for Stripe seem to be lacking, but I need some support.


Here is the scenario specifically:


Customer #1 purchases product A from Stripe.


Zapier receives that information, and transfers it to Mailchimp, and Mailchimp adds them to a list, in a group for all customers who have purchased Product A. I have that set up, but it can’t differentiate


I would like Zapier to conduct a Zap based on the Product purchased in Stripe, so that Mailchimp will respond with a different email for product A, B, or C, regardless of the customer.



1. Everything is working except Zapier has not transfered the email address, so the Zap gets stalled. I then have to go in and manually put it in so that Mailchimp will respond.



2. What I need to know also, is how to set up Zapier to receive the information from Stripe BASED ON THE PRODUCT PURCHASED, and if that is even possible.



Can someone help tell me if this is even possible?

Each new product in Stripe will have a different Product ID if that helps.

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Hi @suzgems 

Try adding a Filter step in your Zap: