How to send follow-up emails in the same thread using Zapier and Outlook?

  • 3 December 2023
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So I am sending an email for payment that was due for services. I want to send a follow up email to that same thread (a Reply to the email i sent) to the person if they never replied. So the email says basically to make a payment, if no answer, I want to stay in the same email chain and do a follow up reminder again

I want the email to go out 3 days later. I know i can do that with the delay feature, however, how do I make it reply to the original email i sent? Instead of sending a brand new email 


  1. Email sent to client on 12/1
  2. if no reply recv’d, reply to that email (same thread) on 12/4 with a follow up

If someone could help me would be great. I am using Outlook as the email client


The trigger is updated row in Gsheet and action is to send the email with outlook

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Hi @endsound 

Good question.

You may have to try using the Outlook API via this Zap action that has AI to help configure:
Outlook - App Extensions


As an alternative, try this Zap action: Gmail - Reply to Email