How to send an auto reply from Salesforce when WPForms is submitted?

  • 10 March 2023
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How can I create a workflow in zapier for sending an auto reply from salesforce to the buyer When someone fills the WPForm. There is no salesforce action event is available in zapier.

What is the best way to accomplish this task. 

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

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2 replies

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Hi @developer_automation 

Good question.

Sounds like you need to configure some sort of rule in Salesforce for the email to be sent when certain conditions are met.

Then in the Zap from WPForms to Salesforce, make sure to set the Salesforce data to meet the desired conditions that the Salesforce Rule relies upon.

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Hi @developer_automation 

Following up on this. Have you tried Troy’s suggestion? If so, did it work?

Also, I want to better understand the workflow you want to create. If you can phrase it in the “When A happens in Service X, B should happen in Service Y” format, that’ll help me make sure I give you the best suggestion possible.

Thanks! 😊