How to schedule the uploading of videos to YouTube Channel?

  • 7 February 2022
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Hi Zapier community,

I was trying to automate uploading to my YT channel.



the story goes like this


I had a channel and I upload multiple times a day. But now I'm about to join college and I don't have the time to do the uploading except at weekends.



The editing isn't the problem, it's the uploading I would like to get done. but I don't want to upload all (say) 50 videos on Sunday and none for the rest of the week. and that inconsistency is bad for YT growth.



so my plan was to bunch-edit and produce all those videos on weekend and let Zapier upload those ready-made videos over the whole week, with an equally spaced interval ( for eg. twice a day or five times a day).



the workflow I needed is as follows


  • Zapier uploads a video from a specified folder
  • post the video to YT with pre-set data (title, desc., tag...)
  • Then move that video to another folder to avoid re-uploading (I don't want to delete them in case they're needed later)
  • repeat the process every certain hours



I’ve been thinking about ways to create the workflow above,

but I couldn't.

I would appreciate the help 

4 replies

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Hi @ChromoSapien 

Where are you storing the videos for Zapier to grab? They cannot be stored locally on your machine but something like Google Drive or Dropbox might work. 

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Hi @ChromoSapien 

Making sure you are aware of this limit...

SoftTimeLimitExceeded Error

The process of downloading the video (from the origin), and uploading it to YouTube must finish within 180 seconds (3 minutes), otherwise, our system will cancel the process.
We suggest compressing your video in order for it to be uploaded properly.

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ok @GetUWired, I could use Google Drive, but the question still remains, how do I make my uploads periodic and recurring without me telling it every time I want to upload? 


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You’d likely need to log those somewhere such as in an Airtable Base.

Airtable has Views.

Views have Filters. (e.g. Date = Today)

Views can be used to trigger Zaps.