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How to run zap for bulk file upload?

i have more than 3000 wav file in different folder on OneDrive account

i created flow that run zap just if new file add (trigger) so i have to copy files folder by folder to active the trigger so

zap run

is there a way that zap runs automatically  without trigger and load all existed files in different folders?

and another question: i get this error.

why?and how pervent it?


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Hi @cfbtel 

Check out this help article about Race Limiting and Throttling:

how stop held zaps when running many zaps?

if put a delay step, this error don't happen?

if yes where put delay step? and for how long delay is ok?

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Hi @cfbtel

Does your Zapier plan have enough Tasks to replay the Held Zaps?

Article about Race Limiting and Throttling:

Try adding a Delay After Queue step to the Zaps:

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Just wanted to follow up here to add that Zapier does not have the ability to automatically trigger for pre-existing files that were added to OneDrive before the Zap was switched on. 

In order for the Zap to trigger on the existing files, you would need to re-add them to OneDrive so that the Zap will see them as “new” files and trigger on them.

With the “Action needed: 190 held Zap runs” error there are four different reasons why runs will be held:

  • High task use: If the Zap is triggering more than 100 times at once, you’ll want to check out the Race Limiting and Throttling guide, as Troy mentioned, for more details on how to prevent this from occurring.
  • Reconnect needed: Sometimes an app account connection can cause issues if the password is changed or it expires. In cases like this, reconnecting the account should allow held Tasks to be successfully replayed.
  • Upgrade needed: If your account has exceeded its plan limits (used too many Tasks, Zaps etc.) then you may need to update to a higher plan in order to replay the held runs.
  • Payment issue: If the payment information for your account is incorrect or has since expired this will need to be updated before the held runs can be replayed.

You can find out more about held runs here: View and manage your Zap history - Holding