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How to remove field values through automation

  • 24 April 2021
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Hi there,

When Zapier zap sends blank/no-data data to my Webflow CMS fields, if there is an existing field value in Webflow, it is not removed or overwritten with a blank field value as one would hope.

As a use case, imagine you have event listings with photos and an address in an database like Airtable. In the first place, you use Zapier to publish the event listing from Airtable to a Webflow item containing 3 photos and an address. Later, you remove one of the photos and the entire address from your original database/airtable.

You run the automation (to update the webflow record) with blank/no data fields for one of the photos and the address field, but Webflow won’t remove or overwrite existing field values unless there is a new value to replace them with.

I could use Zapier’s formatted step to create default empty space data for fields where data is non-existent, but that would be messy and require me to add one formatter step for every regular field and that would amount to dozens of formatter steps throughout multiple zaps. Besides, it still wouldn’t solve the issue for images/URLs required by Webflow.

Can anyone any suggest a clean solution?


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Hi @Dean____**** 

Not sure if this will work, but may be worth a try with Webflow.

Tip is taken from Airtable Update Record action:


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Hi @Dean____****, to follow up on this thread. As you may have noticed, it’s not possible yet for Zapier to clear the contents of a field. In situations like this,  instead of trying to clear the fields, you could use some sort of value like a a bunch of dash characters (---) to overwrite the data and signify that a field needs to be cleared. I hope that helps!

Thanks @Troy Tessalone @Paolo ,

I use either blank spaces or N/A and then I hide the fields from view in Webflow when they match those values

It creates a lot of overhead. I hope zapier implements a solution. Thanks for your help!