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How to Push a Slack Message to a zap, for all users.

  • 22 April 2020
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I am trying to make it so my Slack users can choose a message in Slack to push to Zapier, which will then convert it to a new Task in Breeze. This works, I can select a message in slack and pull up the menu to push it to Zapier which then creates a task in Breeze. 


My problem is that I want anyone in my Slack team to be able to so this and have it go to the same team Breeze project. I see the “Push to Zapier” menu item, but no one else sees it, or rather they see it (since Zapier is connected to our Slack workspace for other Zaps) but then they select it it says they have no Zaps. 

I was able to previously make a Zap that sent email when anyone posted a new message to Slack channel. How can I allow users to select a message and send it to the Breeze Zap?


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Hi @Tough Techs! If you’d like users to be able to choose which messages in Slack to send to Breeze (as opposed to all messages going there) then I recommend using the Slack trigger New Reaction Added. Then when users want to add the message to your Breeze project, they add a specific reaction to the message. 


So the whole Zap would look like this:

  1. Slack - New Reaction Added
  2. Breeze - Create New Task

A quick word of warning on the New Reaction trigger - it’s a super helpful trigger but can sometimes be difficult to get sample data for. I recommend clicking the ‘Test and Review’ button in the Zap and then immediately go to Slack and add a reaction to a recent message. That should do the trick 🙂


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I thought the same and gave that a try right after I posted my previous message. I had the same experience as you described, no test data. So I tried adding a reaction right after clicking “test and review” and what I saw was that when I added a reaction from a different user it didn’t pick it up and when I added one from the same user, it did. I took this to mean that it had the same limitation I was trying to get around. However, I tried the other user first and the same user after that failed, and then I stopped. You emphasized that it needs to be immediately, so it is possible on the first tries that I did it slower and the later ones faster. Or is it possible that the limitation is due to it being in a test situation? The key question I think is, *should* it work for all users? 

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I’m sorry this is such a fussy thing! When you’re testing the trigger, the reaction needs to be from the user account that’s connected to the Zap. And it does need to be a reaction immediately after you hit the button to find samples. 

When the Zap is turned on, it will work for all users, it’s just the trigger test that’s so finicky! 


We know it’s an issue and we’re working on both finding the ‘trick’ to it and also fixing it so you don’t need a trick! I hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!


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That’s fair. While it would be great to eliminate the limitation, just documenting it would go a long way. 

Thanks for the help.