How to prevent bots using services like Zapier from spying on Discord servers?

  • 9 August 2021
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This link shows what they see, and they seem to have access to every channel or most of the channels in our discord. There is no privacy and they are making fun of a whole community through this method. We theorize that they got a user doing this for them, so does this means that bots such as Zapier work without having them on your own server? as long the other server that gets the info has it. Is there a way to get rid of this issue? The fact a community server can be compromised like this through only one user to another server seems like something very serious that can be used with malicious intents such as the situation my server is in. 

Does zapier works if its in the server that gets the information of the other server, while the server being compromised does not have the bot but a user serving as a bridge? 
Is there any way to avoid this? like kicking the user that is compromising the info, would this make it stop?
or if the set up is there then its impossible to get rid off it?
Is there any sign or clue that indicates when a user does this, like for example a set up they have in their setting or in the server? 
Does the user that is spying or serving as the connection to both servers needs to be in both servers for this to work?

I know there is a lot of question but this issue is causing a lot of problems to the community’s server that is being compromised and I am looking for any sort of useful info. Thanks for reading any clarifications would be appreciate it. 


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Hello and welcome to the Community @Esty

I’m so sorry that this is happening. As the community server isn’t private then I suspect that’s likely why those bots are able to post to it. I’m not able to see whether those messages were posted by someone using Zapier or another service from this end.

You could potentially make a Zap that triggers when a New Message Posted to Channel in Discord. Then use a Filter to check whether the Bot field is true, which would indicate that it was a post by a bot. The Discord integration doesn’t have the option banning the bot or delete or remove the post but you could add a Send Email action to send you an email to alert you that a bot has posted a message. Though it wouldn’t prevent them from posting it would allow you to be alerted when a bot posts a message so you can double-check and remove it.

Otherwise it may be worth either making the server private or set up moderation bots to help deal with these bots.

I hope this helps point you in the right direction! :)