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How to parse HTML email to Google Sheets?

  • 26 May 2022
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Hi, Hoping I can please ask a quick question to know whether this is possible to achieve in Zapier. I'm looking into connecting Gmail and Google Sheets.

We receive a ton of sales enquiry emails and a major problem is manually inputting key details from every email into google sheets. So, I would like to transfer the relevant information into google sheets.

The sales enquiry emails are in HTML format. When inspecting the source code, I believe each email has a standard setup, however with a unique user reference.

Such as:

I would like to parse and transfer only relevant lead details from the email and not the whole email contents into google sheets. Please find below a sample of how this email is setup in the HTML email.

For example, I want to extract value from span tags with ID [m_'userref'-fieldname]

Would anybody be able to confirm that this is possible with Zapier and point me in the right direction of how to learn the process?



Contact Details part
<table id="m_2679513591627079049consumer"....
Name = = <span id="m_2679513591627079049name
Address = <span id="m_2679513591627079049address
Email = <span id="m_2679513591627079049email
Number = <span id="m_2679513591627079049phone

Your opportunities part
<table id="m_2679513591627079049questions"....
<td id="m_2679513591627079049requirements">
<span style="font-weight:bold">more details</<span>
<span style="font-weight:bold">view this property</<span>

Property Card part
<table id="m_2679513591627079049property-card">Value</<span>
Property Ref = <span id="m_2679513591627079049propReference">Value</<span>
Property Address = <span id="m_2679513591627079049propAddress">Value</<span>
Property GPrice = <span id="m_2679513591627079049propPrice">Value</<span>
Property Status = <span id="m_2679513591627079049propStatus">Value</<span>

Additional Comments
{ < table id="m_4664106057900597712consumer-comments
Comments = <span id="m_4664106057900597712comments">Value</<span>


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Hello @Rosko 

As long as you get the email in a Templated Format you should be able to Parse the Email. Try using Zapier Email Parser or an advanced email parser like MailParser io. 


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Hiya @Rosko! I can see you were able to reach out to support regarding this and wanted to post their reply in case it’s helpful to others! 

Yes, you could do this by triggering the Zap by a 'New Email' in Email Parser by Zapier.
Before doing that, you would have to set up your email parser account in Zapier:
And set up the Zap with Email Parser:
The Email Parser works on a very basic algorithm. It expects the emails to be in the exact format most of the time.
If you have issues with parsing the correct information after setting up the Zap, you could try out a few workarounds that are suggested here:
If those still don't work for you, I'd recommend checking out more robust parsing apps such as Because Email Parser is a free application, it can run into some limitations that other dedicated email parsing applications may have a solution for.

If you have control over the email content, you could also try out Named Variables: 

I hope that gets you pointed in the right direction and welcome to the Community! 🤗