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How to only email once on a Twitter search mention?

  • 24 February 2020
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I have setup a search mention on Twitter trigger, that emails us. But we get multiple emails whenever there is a search mention.

Is there a way to only email once per search mention?


Best answer by bumpybox 25 February 2020, 09:29

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4 replies

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Hi @bumpybox! Could you let us know exactly which steps are in your Zap? Is it just:

Trigger: Twitter - Search mention

Action: Email by Zapier - send email (or are you perhaps using another email app?)

Also, when you look in the task history for the Zap, are you seeing that's it's triggering more than once per mention? Or is it triggering once and then sending the email more than once?

If we know some more, we might be able to see what's happening here.

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Hey @Danvers,

Yeah, the zap is just this:

Trigger: Twitter - Search Mention

Action: Email by Zapier - Send Outbound Email

Looked at the task history and its seems a little irregular. Does search mentions get triggered on retweets as well?

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Dug into the data a bit more, and yes it does seem to be an issue with retweets.

Have setup a filter to stop on retweets and replies.

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@bumpybox Nice work! Thanks for sharing the solution with us 😀