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How to make sure a Zap is run as soon as I tick a checkbox in my Notion Database

  • 3 January 2024
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Hi, I’m recording on a database on Notion all of the information about the candidates that are currently in the process for some open job positions at my company. Among other details, in each line you have the name, email address, the position the candidate is applying to and the stage of their application (Interview, Screen, Hired, No).

I added a property to the database called ‘Rejection Email’ which is in the form of a checkbox. My plan was to build a Zap automation that is triggered when the checkbox is ticked and that sends an automatic rejection email to the candidate picking up his email address from the same line. 

To do this I built this zap (see in picture)



As filters I put: 

  • Rejection Email is true
  • Stage exactly matches ‘No’ 

The second property was added as a measure of safety (I don’t want to run the risk of accidentally ticking the checkbox and then sending a rejection email to the wrong candidate)

I did a test which worked just fine, however when I publish the zap and then check the boxes on the database there are no emails being sent out. 

If I open the Zap from the main menu and click on ‘Run Zap’ as in the image here below then the Zap works and the emails are correctly sent out. However, my goal is to have these emails sent out automatically as soon as the Rejection Email checkbox is ticked (a short delay is acceptable) and not having to open Zapier and do it everytime. 


How can I do this?


Thanks a lot!





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Hi @PelikanPietro 

Notion triggers are scheduled, meaning those can take from 1-15 minutes to fire depending on your Zapier plan.

Help about trigger types:


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I’ve been exploring this more and now with the Retrieve page custom action we can trigger directly from Notion using webhooks.

This is what the Zap looks like, rather basic but that actions could be much more complicated.


Then on Notion, you can add a formula property that triggers the Zap webhook.

The formula looks l ike

link("Zap", "ZAP_WEBHOOK_URL/?id=" + id())!-->

This will send the id of the page(row) to the zap. The Zap then gets the full page by id and you can do what ever action you want. You could have 1+ of these properties all triggering different actions. For the OP use case they could have a property “Reject” that calls their certain Zap when pushed.