How to link budget spreadsheet and email staff when budget exceeds amount?

  • 24 October 2023
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I would like to link an online budget spreadsheet and each time the budget exceeds a certain amount it needs to send email to staff member. Can this be done and how?

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9 replies

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Hi @Pharmacy Collective 

Good question.

Please clarify which apps you are trying to use in the Zaps.

Thanks Troy for responding, I have a file on onedrive (online excel workbook). There are multiple sheets but i i just need to reference a cell in the budget worksheet. I need the zap to be ‘if cell x is greater than y then please send email’. we can send email via outlook. 


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@Pharmacy Collective 

Have you reviewed the available help articles for using Excel in Zaps?

yes, i couldnt find one specific to what i need - unless i havent understood. i will check again


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@Pharmacy Collective 

This would be the Zap trigger: Excel - Updated Row

As Step 2, you would add a Filter:


ok thank you, i will give that  go and see if it does what i need

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Hi there @Pharmacy Collective,

It looks like you have reached out to our Support Team regarding this question. I’ll share details of the suggestion here in case it’s helpful:

I wanted to confirm if you wanted to look out for New Rows in Microsoft Excel. If yes, you can follow and test the outline of the Zap below.

1. Microsoft Excel: New Row trigger event
2. Filter by Zapier: use the only continue if Row is greater than X condition. 
3. Microsoft Outlook: Send Email action event

Please note that this is a multi-step Zap which requires a paid plan, you're currently on a trial so we can experiment, but the Zap will ultimately pause itself if you choose not to upgrade.

Does this sound like a good fit for you? If so, please give this a try and do let me know should you have further questions. I'll keep an eye on your response so we can get you going. Thanks!

If you’ve got any questions regarding their suggestion it would be best to continue the conversation with them over email.


hi, thanks for you response. we are trying to work off a live online sheet . This option doesn’t seem to work on live worksheets 

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Hi @Pharmacy Collective,

Thanks for letting us know.

I’d recommend replying to the conversation you have via email with our Support Team. They can give you alternative approach on your desired workflow.

Thank you!