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How To Limit A Zap For A Set Time/Unit After It Triggers Once (RingCentral Text - Asana Tasks)

  • 23 September 2020
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Hello Peeps,

I would be so appreciative if you can provide some assistance with this...

I have a zap that triggers when my RingCentral VOIP system receives a New Voicemail. The new VM will connect with Asana Project Management via Zapier and Add a New Task to a specific Asana project that funnels all of my administrative communications into a single hub. 

New RingCentral VM - Zapier - New Asana Task.

I want to do the same thing with RingCentral Text messages. However, since that would mean that EVERY text would result in a new task instead of just one new task for one conversation that can result in an Asana task overload unnecessarily. (For example, if a client sends multiple texts in a row for one request then each individual text turns into a new Asana task even though only one task is needed.)

I would like to set a new zap with the following conditions: 

New RingCentral Text Message -Zapier - Asana New Task - THEN No additional Asana New Tasks for 10 minutes EVEN IF there are new RingCentral Text messages (aka task triggers) within the 10 minute time frame.

Thereby, there is one new task added for the initial text but then no more new tasks for 10 minutes. This avoids Asana new task overload with a bunch of new tasks generated on the same conversation. I am open to any and all suggestions if you see a better way of accomplishing this task. 

I did look into adding the delay filters. But it seems that it will delay the action for a specific time period or until a specific time but it does not stop the app entirely for the specific filter choice. (Please correct me if I am wrong.)

If it helps I also use GSuite which is fully integrated with my Asana and RingCentral so if there is some way to do this that I am totally missing please feel free to provide me with any suggestions you may have. 



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Hi @DingoRatNinja ,

Thanks for reaching out to us! I see you have a couple conversations going with Support so I will let them continue to troubleshoot.

Would love to hear how you crack this one as soon as you reach a solution!

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Hi there @DingoRatNinja ,

That would actually be a great function. I am not sure if you already figured it out, but let me know if you did. However, I did have an idea. I didn't test this, but just came up in my mind. What about the following workflow:

  • New RingCentral Text Message
  • Zapier picks up the message, and makes or finds some ID which will then be associated to the ringcentral text message
  • A data field will be created with that specific ID, and some value will be put on false. For example:
    • Text message with ID b11c9430-9687-4498-b12b-3fcb470bfe04
    • You have an action that searches the google sheet for that specific ID
    • Text message gets processed by Zapier workflow

    • In google sheets, you have 2 columns: ID and In Progress

    • For this specific workflow run, you put the ID in the sheet and “In Progress” on True

    • On the next text message​, it will check the ID and find “In Progress” on true. You would need to have a filter that only continues if this is on false

  • And all the other Asana tasks you want


Let me know if this is something that works, or if you figured out something else!


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Sorry i forgot to add the important part:

- at the same Zap you add a delay action of 10 minutes or something

- after the delay, you put the value back to false again


Now you should be able to stop the task for 10 minutes.